Sunday, February 22, 2009

The deference and similarities between school and University..

There are big deference between the life in the University and the life in the high school. The life in the high school was easier than now, because our time was organized, and we had enough time to sit with our family. Now we feel that we have to work hard to get success.
Our schedule has changed, we are studying two class in the day, however, we studying for 2 hours completely in one class, and when I was in the high school I was study for 8 hours completely, and that was boring .In the high school we had a lot of homework ,however, in the University our homework is easier and better, I feel that our English has improved faster .
The similarities between high school and the University that we have to get success, and we have to work hard .The second similar thing is we have teachers and classmate in school and university. Also we have to present presentations and projects.
Finally, both of them are important in our life, and we have to finish our high school to study in the University. We have to work hard to get success.


  1. VERY well-written. I count only one spelling mistake (deference). That's why I give this one a 9/10. Good job!

  2. I disagree. I think there are a lot of mistakes in regards to grammar. Also, the structure is weak and a litlle choppy. In fact, what you point out is kind of obvious (especially the last paragraphs).Furthermore,the conclusion is kind of senseless. "The" before High school and University needs to be removed. The word "diference" is incorrect; actually, it is "differences". In addition, the noun "class" you used should be replaced by "courses" or "subjects"(it makes more sense) . The verb "are" is missing, and the phrase "present presentations" should be replaced by "give presentations". I hope you do not get mad because of my suggestions; I just think it is important to let you know about them so that you can improve. By the way, congratulations for the great ideas you share. Regards,